Deco sheet

We have realized a sharper, more luxurious design by utilizing the texture of natural wood.

Tile sheet

Various designs can be produced while achieving delicate tile pattern representation.

Flooring sheets

We have developed a variety of floor space products to satisfy customers' senses.


The product is a premium eco-friendly product, used inside the furniture.
It takes the health and lifestyle of the family into consideration.


The eco-friendly product does not include any heavy metal, and has excellent heat, cold resistance while protect the surface with special coating. This product is used on the front of the furniture. It can be glossy and matte, and is environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly PET is a construction material for air pollution abatement which is required in health-friendly housing construction standards. It is highly resistant to surface contamination such as oil. You can choose from a variety of designs, including monochromatic, woodwork, and fabric.