Eco-Friendly PET is a high gloss & matte surface finish used for furniture front.
It is an environment-friendly product that meets the standards of health-friendly housing construction and is a surface finishing material considering processability and aesthetics.

Product Features

Excellent mirror quality

It is a decorative sheet that can be painted for paint substitute and express high gloss and matte. It has the characteristics of HARD sheet compared to the mirror surface of PVC material and has excellent hiding power.

Eco-friendly materials

It is the air pollution reduction building material required by the standards for the construction of health-friendly housing. It is suitable for furniture using environmentally friendly products.


You can choose various designs such as solid color, print (WOOD, MARBLE), DEEP EMBOSS, METAL. We have introduced a standard management system for LOT colors.

Chemical resistance, stain resistance

It has excellent chemical resistance such as acid, alkali and alcohol. Easy stain removal against oil, coffee, and other pollutants to remove pollutants.

Scratch resistance

Excellent scratch resistance through special surface treatment

Product Specification

Classification Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
Overlay 0.20 ~ 0.30 1,260
Wrapping 0.30 ~ 0.60 1,260

※ Product specifications can be changed upon request

PET Products

UV (glossy / matte)

It is an environmentally friendly product with excellent color feeling and comfort and warmth.

UV (glossy pearl / matte pearl)

It is a sensual and modern product that realizes rich color feeling through various pearl effect.

Super matte (matte)

It is the best product considering the health and trendy style of the family with premium eco-friendly styles.


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