Deco sheet is made of PP, which is the raw material of environment-friendly material. It is harmless to the human body and is environment-friendly.
It is applied to furniture interior materials and is realistic surface finishing material.

Product Features

Eco-friendly Deco Sheet

It blocks carcinogenic formaldehyde from MDF or PB which is produced from the material for a long time. It is harmless to human body because harmful plasticizers are not used.

Excellent surface intensity and texture

Special coating treatment is applied on the surface, which is excellent in abrasion resistance and stain resistance. Realistic natural surface texture.


It is possible to choose various designs from solid color, print (WOOD, FABLIC), EMBOSS. We have introduced a standard management system for LOT colors.

Scratch resistance

Excellent scratch resistance through special surface treatment

Product Specification

Classification Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
Overlay / Wrapping 0.08 ~ 0.20 1,260

※ Product specifications can be changed upon request

PP Products

UV coating (1PLY)

It is used for furniture finishing materials and gives the value of furniture by expressing various and delicate patterns.

UV coating (2PLY)

It is an advanced product that expresses fine print and elaborate wooden pattern through advanced technology.

Super Matte (1PLY / 2PLY)

Being the best product in class, the product will help you to create a variety of interior space with a soft touch and a unique quality.


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