CEO’s Message

Welcome to Gil Deco website.

With the vision of "creating a world of new spaces", Gil Deco Co., Ltd. is realizes and embodies the spirit of Only One spirit, which is the First, Best, and Differentiate management philosophy of Gil Deco. Gil Deco has entered the sheet business since the Sihwa factory in 1994 and has taken a leading position in the domestic and overseas market. For the technology and quality, Gil Deco was awarded the Presidential Award. Gil Deco is currently growing into a global manufacturer.

Gil Deco is actively engaging in the business in overseas such as the United States, China, Iran, Turkey, Poland, and Germany. Gil Deco will continue to develop various proprietary products and rapidly grow into a leading global manufacturer that can stand side by side with other competitive brands.

We will continue to grow steadily through our strength and enthusiasm, accumulated technology, business know-how, systematic risk management that have overcome various crises in the past
Also, we will strive to provide better products to return the unchanged love from our customers.

Thank you..